Бронирование отеля Билеты в СПА-бассейн

European cuisine

Salmon tartare with Guacamole, wheat croutons and ginger and garlic sauce 180 g 890
Beef tartare with mustard dressing, truffles with black ciabatta 160 g 800
Duck pate with fig jam and crispy bread 220g 650
Pastrami sandwich with cheese, artichoke, tomatoes, lettuce, Tonnato sauce 410 g 1200
Bruschettas with Parma ham, curd cheese, arugula and strawberries 180 g 650
Bruschettas with salmon specially salted by chef, and lemon cream cheese 200 g 950
Bruschettas with tomatoes, arugula and Pesto sauce 180 g 550
Bruschettas with roast beef, grain mustard sauce and low-salted cucumber 200 g 820
Bruschettas with shrimps and avocado mousse 180 g 810
Assorted cheese plate with grapes, honey and nuts 200 g 920
Fruit platter 700 g 1100
Antipasti Parma ham, salami, Parmesan cheese, Dorblu cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, green olives, black olives, grissini 240 g 980
Stolichny salad with chicken breast 220 g 470
Arugula with shrimps, cherry tomatoes, and Italian sauce 180 g 890
A warm beef salad with eggplants, potatoes, oyster mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, and Worcester sauce 190 g 950
A salad with baked eggplant, tomatoes and cream cheese 180 g 580
Chicken/shrimp Caesar salad Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, bread chips, Parmesan cheese, sauce with anchovies, Parmesan cheese and capers 200 g 670/850
A smoked eel salad, with avocado, lettuce, and nut sauce 160 g 980
A smoked sausage salad with warm potatoes, pickles, and fresh tomatoes with spicy dressing and Pancetta chips 280 g 690
A vegetable salad with Serbian brynza and olive-balsamic dressing 200 g 750
Green salad with Parma ham blue cheese, quinoa, strawberries, and honey mustard dressing 200 g 850
Chuka salad with walnut sauce 180 g 450
VODA burger with marbled beef patty 450 g 1300
MIZU burger with a chicken fellet patty with Emmental cheese in a crispy breading 250 g 750
Cheese balls with jalapeno and sweet and sour sauce 220 g 720
Baked Camembert with strawberries, raspberry sauce and grissini 180 g 1050
Homemade sausages with grilled cheese, stewed cabbage and mustard 280 g 820
Rice baked mussels with spicy sauce and Masago caviar 250 g 980
Fried shrimps in a sauce of your choice: Thai, French, Teriyaki 100 g 960
Creamy fish soup of salmon with red caviar 350 g 860
Classic borscht with beef and sour cream and black bread 350 g 590
Cold beet soup with marble beef in aromatic spices with mustard and sour cream 350 g 570
Chicken soup with Ptitim pasta and quail egg 350 g 470
Tom Yam on coconut milk with shrimps and mushrooms 450 g 950
Mushroom cream soup with truffle oil and grissini 350 g 640
Beef soup with quail egg, noodles and herbs 350 g 550
Three kinds of buns 290 with butter cream 150 g 290
Cheese ciabatta with garlic butter to choose from: classic with jalapeno, with truffle paste 200 g 650
Steamed pikeperch fillet with vegetable julienne and caviar Bisque sauce 280 g 920
Salmon steak with sautéed spinach, olives and tomatoes 210 g 1500
Fish cutlets with basil puree and shrimp sauce 280 g 920
Chicken breast with broccoli, creamy spinach sauce and Gorgonzola cheese 180 g 750
Duck fillet with wine pear sorbet in chocolate and raspberry sauce 220 g 950
Beef medallions with truffle paste, grilled pickled artichoke and creamy pepper sauce 280 g 980
Beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes and pickles 280 g 980
Veal cheeks with Parmentier potatoes 300 g 1300
BBQ pork ribs with Coleslaw salad 350 g 950
Pork neck steak with baked potatoes and vegetable salsa 250 g 980
Lamb shank stewed in beer with bulgur tabbouleh with vegetables and herbs 300 g 1300
WOK with chicken 350 g 690
WOK with beef 350 g 950
WOK with shrimps 350 g 950
WOK with vegetables 350 g 650
Garnish of your choice Udon Noodles/Soba Noodles/ Funchoza / Rice
Sauce to choose from Sweet chili / Unagi / Teriyaki
Poke with rice, avocado, cucumber, beans, tomatoes, daikon, chuka, nori and sesame 400 g 1200
Of your choice Salmon / Eel / Shrimp / Tofu
Sauce of your choice Teriyaki / Sweet Chill / Poke
Black pasta with shrimps in tomato and cream sauce 300 g 950
Alfredo truffle pasta 200 g 850
Carbonara pasta 250 g 720
Pasta with tomatoes and Pesto sauce 250 g 680
Orzotto with truffle and porcini mushrooms 250 g 950
Speciality Napoleon with Bavarois cream 140 g 480
Cherry strudel with a scoop of ice cream 180 g 490
Anna Pavlova with cherry compote 140 g 490
Blueberry cheesecake 150 g 530
Chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice cream and cherry confit 150 g 540
Apple tart with a scoop of ice cream 210 g 510
Shortcrust tart with white chocolate cream and fresh seasonal berries 170 g 650
A scoop of ice cream vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio 50 g 150

Japanese food

Salmon 230
Tuna 200
Smoked eel 310
Tiger shrimp 160
Sea scallop 300
Tobiko 160
Masago crab 260
Gunkan eel 350
Gunkan salmon 240
Avocado 110
Chuka 80
Salmon 160
Tuna 190
Smoked eel 260
Tiger shrimp 160
Crab 280
Salmon 180
Tuna 210
Smoked eel 260
Tiger shrimp 150
Crab 280
Salmon 450
Smoked eel 680
Tuna 420
Cucumber 180
Avocado 200
Salmon 570
Smoked eel 890
Tuna 520
Crab 650
Salmon 580
Smoked eel 860
Tuna 690
Tiger shrimp 450
Scallop 740
VODA Salmon, crab, shrimp, avocado, Tobiko caviar, Philadelphia cheese 300 g 1900
SakeMaguro Tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber, Philadelphia cheese, Tobiko caviar 250 g 1100
Kiss roll Smoked eel, smoked salmon, Philadelphia cheese, Masago caviar, cucumber, sesame seeds 225 g 1100
Samurai Smoked eel, Philadelphia cheese, avocado, cucumber, Tobiko caviar 260 g 1500
Philadelphia Absolute Crab, salmon, cucumber, avocado, Philadelphia cheese 265 g 1500
Philadelphia Salmon, Philadelphia cheese, avocado, cucumber, Tobiko caviar 265 g 1100
California with Tobiko Crab, avocado, cucumber, Tobiko caviar 220 g 950
California with sesame Crab, avocado, cucumber, sesame 220 g 650
Fusion Smoked eel, Philadelphia cheese, spicy sauce, green onion 220 g 850
Alaska Salmon, cucumber, avocado, Tobiko caviar 220 g 720
Creamy eel roll Smoked eel, Philadelphia cheese, avo 1100
Osaka Shrimp, avocado, cucumber, sesame, spicy sauce 220 g 820
Okinawa Slightly salted salmon, pineapple, Philadelphia cheese, Tobiko caviar, Mango sauce 250 g 1100
Carolina Tuna, cucumber, Philadelphia cheese, Tobiko caviar, sesame, special spicy sauce 225 g 920
Rio Smoked salmon, shrimp, avocado, cucumber, Philadelphia cheese, Parmesan cheese 230 g 980
Philadelphia Salmon, avocado, cucumber, Philadelphia cheese, Tobiko caviar 265 g 1100
Scallop roll Scallop, feta cheese, Philadelphia cheese, sesame, spicy sauce, ginger 250 g 750
Kurosawa Smoked eel, Philadelphia cheese, spicy sauce, avocado 245 g 750
Hideyoshi Salmon, crab, Philadelphia cheese, yaki sauce 240 g 770
Hokkaido Crab, Philadelphia cheese, Tamago omelette, Gouda cheese, Unagi sauce, Masago caviar 275 g 760
Fujiyama Salmon, smoked eel, cucumber, Tamago omelette, Philadelphia cheese, Masago caviar, yaki sauce, almonds 240 g 960
Baked vegetable roll Champignons, tomatoes, paprika, cucumber, herbs, Philadelphia cheese, feta cheese, sesame 170 g 450
Vegetable roll Avocado, cucumber, Romaine lettuce, paprika, tomatoes 170 g 390
Nigiri set Two nigiri sushi: with salmon, tuna, smoked eel, shrimp, Tobiko, and crab 280 g 2100
Baked sushi set Two baked sushi with salmon, tuna, smoked eel and crab 280 g 1500
Mix set Alaska roll, spicy sushi with salmon, tuna, smoked eel and crab, baked sushi with salmon, tuna, smoked eel and crab 500 g 2100
Philadelphia set Philadelphia roll with salmon, two sushi Gunkan mix salmon with Philadelphia cheese and Gunkan mix eel with Philadelphia cheese 405 g 1800
VODA set VODA speciality roll, California with Tobiko, Kiss roll, Philadelphia roll, Osaka roll 1230 g 4600
Maxi roll set Baked Philadelphia roll, Baked scallop roll, Kurosawa roll, Fujiyama roll, Hideyoshi roll 1255 g 3300

Soft drinks

With plant milk
Baikal still 450 ml 240
Dausuz still/sparkling 500 ml 230
Perrier sparkling 500 ml 350
Kvass, mors 300/1000 ml 250/600
Assorted lemonade cola, lemon-lime, orange, tonic 330 ml 290
Lapochka Lapochka, natural lemonade without sugar (grapefruit and lemon, pineapple and lychee, guava and lime 330 ml 360
Adrenaline Rush (18+) Adrenaline Rush 250 ml 270
Pineapple 200 / 400 ml 550 / 1050
Orange 200 / 400 ml 500 / 950
Grapefruit 200 / 400 ml 450 / 850
Celery 200 / 400 ml 400 / 750
Carrot 200 / 400 ml 400 / 750
Apple 200 / 400 ml 400 / 750
A choice of juices apple, orange, pineapple, cherry, peach, tomato 200 ml 300
Spritz Grapefruit juice, spritz syrup, non-alcoholic bitter-mandarin cordial, club soda, grapefruit, ice 250 ml 400
Berry Spritz Cherry juice, currant syrup, birdcherry-blueberry cordial, tonic, ice 250 ml 400
Pina Colada Pineapple juice, coconut puree, cocktail cherry, ice 300 ml 450
Bubble Gum Syrup, lemon juice, lemon-lime lemonade, marmalade, ice 330 ml 400
Passion fruit and orange Lemonade Passion fruit syrup, orange, lemon juice, soda, orange juice, ice 300/1000 ml 350/650
Raspberry and lychee Lemonade Raspberry puree, lychee puree, lime juice, syrupm soda, ice 300/1000 ml 350/650
Cold tea Berry tea, orange, lime, apple, currant, lemon juice, grenadine syrup, ice 300/1000 ml 350/650
Milkshake: 500 strawberry, vanilla, chocolate Milk, ice cream, topping, marshmallows 330 ml 500
Pineapple-strawberry Smoothie Strawberries, pineapple, orange juice, strawberry syrup, ice 330 ml 600
Avocado-cucumber Smoothie Apple juice, cucumber, avocado, spinach, lemon juice 330 ml 650
Banana-mango Smoothie Peach juice, mango puree, banana, plant milk, mint, lemon juice, ice 330 ml 600
Ristretto 15 ml 250
Espresso 30 ml 250
Double espresso 60 ml 400
Americano 120 ml 250
Double Americano 240 ml 400
Cappuccino 200 ml 310
Raf coffee 200 ml 360
Flat white 200 ml 400
Latte 230 ml 230 ml 320
Ice Coffee 170 ml 430
Ice latte Milk, espresso, salted caramel syrup, whipped cream 200 ml 450
Cocoa with marshmallow 200 ml 350
Cappuccino 200 ml 460
Flat white 200 ml 460
Latte 230 ml 470
Cocoa with marshmallow 200 ml 450
Chinese sencha A classic green tea with a fresh rice aroma and a soft, silky aftertaste, made using Japanese technology. The young leaves are harvested in early spring and steamed to give the tea a delicate taste 500 ml 400
Oriental sencha The Oriental sencha blend combines delicate green tea leaves, summer flowers and tropacal fruits Young tea leaves are steam-dried in the traditional Japanese style and mixed with brightly colored petals and natural fruit extracts 500 ml 400
Jasmine Flower Chinese green tea with jasmine is appreciated all over the world due to its exquisite taste, aroma, and unique healing properties. Jasmine Flower Blend is a light honey infusion with a delicate, perfectly balanced floral aroma amd a sweet aftertaste 500 ml 400
Milk oolong Aromatic variety of Te Guan Yin oolong with a pleasant creamy taste. Delicate semi-fermented leaves are flavored with whey, which gives the rea a balanced floral and caramel flavor 500 ml 400
Earl Grey This beautifully balanced black tea is infused with the invigorating aroma of natural bergamot oil 500 ml 400
Noble Assam Tea from the famous tea state of Assam in northeastern India. Golden buds, amber infusion with molasses aroma and malt aftertaste. Truly strong and invigorating tea 500 ml 400
Pu-erh The special “earthy” taste is the result of the fact that the tea is aged for more than 7 years before consumption. Luxury leaf puerh from Yunnan Province has perfectly smooth leaves that give a rich infusion of bright color with a soft aftertaste 500 ml 400
Herbal tea Soft, soothing, with pleasant herbaceous shades, a delicate woody note, and fresh green tones in taste. It contains apples, lemongrass, aloe, bean pods, blackberry leaves, lemon verbena, goji berries, black currant, nettle leaves 500 ml 400
Fruit tea Fruit mixture with a bright taste of raspberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, and cherries. Summer berries combined with sweet and sour notes of hibiscus, raisins, and vanilla create a perfectly balanced aftertaste. This infusion will warm you in winter and perfectly refresh you on a sultry summer day 500 ml 400
Black currant-mint tea Black tea with bergamot, black currant puree, lemon juice, mint 450 ml 450
Sea buckthorn-ginger tea Black tea, sea buckthorn, lemon juice, honey, ginger 500 ml 450
Raspberry-orange tea Black tea, raspberry puree, lemon juice, orange 500 ml 450
Lemon 30 g 50
Milk 50 ml 50
Fresh thyme 2 g 50
A choice of syrups 10 ml 50
Fresh mint 2 g 50
Honey 40 g 80
Cream 30 ml 100
Fresh ginger 50 g 100
Assorted jam 50 g 100
Plant milk 50 ml 150

Alcoholic drinks

Champagne and sparkling wines
White wine
Pink wine
Red wine
Vermouth and aperitif
Bitter digestif
Cognac and brandy
Blended whiskey
Sambuca and absinthe
Draft beer
Bottled beer
Prosecco Maschio dei Cavalieri DOC TREVISO, brut, Italy Italy Prosecco Maschio di Cavalieri, white, brut, Treviso, Italy 125/750 ml 590 / 3400
Lambrusco Dell Emilia semi-sweet, Italy Lambrusco Dell Emilia semi-sweet, Italy 125/750 ml 470 / 2600
Lanson Black Label Brut, France (750 ml) 8500
Cremant de Loire Rose Brut Huteau Boulanger AOP, France Cremant de Loire Rose Brut Huteau Boulanger AOP 750 ml 4500
Champagne Drappier, Carte d'Or, Brut, AOC, France Champagne Drappier, Carte d'Or, Brut, AOC, France 750 ml 18300
Frettino Asti DOCG, Veneto, Italy Frettino Asti DOCG, Veneto, Italy 750 ml 3200
Moet & Chandon Imperial, Brut, France (750 ml) 25000
Asti Martini (187 ml) Asti Martini (187 ml) 1100
Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, dry, Italy Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, white, dry, Italy 125/750 ml 650 / 3700
Crab & More Chardonnay, dry, USA, California Crab & More Chardonnay, dry, USA, California 125/750 ml 640 / 3500
Ocean Buffet Vinho Verde Branco DOC, semi-dry, Portugal Ocean Buffet Vinho Verde Branco DOC, white, semi-dry, Portugal 125/750 ml 490 / 2600
Sauvignon Blanc Pulpo, dry, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Pulpo, dry, New Zealand 125/750 ml 750 / 4200
Conde De Monterroso Verdejo, dry, Spain Conde De Monterroso Verdejo, dry, Spain 750 ml 2600
Cuatro Rayas, "4R", Verdejo, Rueda DO (750 ml) 3900
Michel Scheid Riesling Mosel Einig-Zenzen, dry, Germany Michel Scheid Riesling Mosel Einig-Zenzen, dry, Germany 750 ml 4400
Gewürztraminer Weinhaus Cannis Pfalz, semi-dry, Germany Gewürtztraminer Vainhaus Cannis Pfalz, semi-dry, Germany 750 ml 4700
San Pedro Gato Negro White, semi-sweet, Chile San Pedro Gato Negro White, semi-sweet, Chile 750 ml 2600
Vina Albali Sparkling Whitey, Spain Vina Albali Sparkling Whitey, Spain 750 ml 3200
Rose d'Anjou, Pierre Chainer AOP semi-dry, France Rose d'Anjou, Pierre Chainer AOP semi-dry, France 750 ml 3800
Viu Manent, Estate Collection Reserva Carmenere, dry, Chile Viu Manent, Estate Collection Reserva Carmenere, dry, Chile 125/750 ml 490 / 2700
Les Celliers Jean d'Alibert, La Sitelle Rouge, Comte Tolosan IGP, semi-dry, France La Sitelle Rouge, Les Celliers Jean d'Alibert, semi-dry, France 125/750 ml 450 / 2500
Shiraz Double Pass Aussimento, dry, Australia Aussimento, Double Pass Shiraz, dry, Australia 125/750 ml 560 / 3200
Chateau d`Arvigny Haut-Medoc AOC, red, dry, France Chateau d`Arvigny Haut-Medoc AOC, red, dry, France 750 ml 6300
Zinfandel Santa Monica, red, dry, USA, California Zinfandel Santa Monica, red, dry, USA, California 750 ml 4700
Adegas Tollodouro, El Ilusionista Joven, Ribera del Duero DO, dry, Spain Ilusionista Joven, dry, Spain 750 ml 4700
Poggio al Casone, Chianti DOCG Superiore, dry, Italy Poggio al Casone, Chianti Superiore, dry, Italy 750 ml 3900
Silvio Carta Servito Silvio Carta Servito Bianco 40 ml 590
Silvio Carta Vermouth Rosso Silvio Carta Rosso 40 ml 560
Martini Extra Dry/Rosato Martini Extra Dry/Rosato 40 ml 320
Campari Bitter Campari Bitter 40 ml 420
Jagermeister Jagermeister 40 ml 440
Becherovka Original Becherovka Original 40 ml 390
Martell VS Martell VS 40 ml 680
Gautier VSOP Gautier VSOP 40 ml 790
Martell ХO Martell ХO 40 ml 2700
Ararat 5* Brandy Ararat 5* Brandy 40 ml 420
Kinahan's Kinahan's 40 ml 560
Chivas Regal 12 Chivas Regal 12 40 ml 740
Kinahan's Single Malt Kinahan's Single Malt 40 ml 1100
Jack Daniel’s Jack Daniel’s 40 ml 610
Bowsaw Small Batch Bourbon Bowsaw Small Batch Bourbon 40 ml 560
The Glenlivet 15 (40/1000 ml) 1350
Jim Beam (40/1000 ml) 510
Havana Club 3 Havana Club 3 40 ml 420
El Dorado 12 YO El Dorado 12 YO 40 ml 790
Havana Club Anejo Especial Havana Club Anejo Especial 40 ml 450
Cazcabel Blanco Cazcabel Blanco 40 ml 490
Ley 925 Reposado Ley 925 Reposado 40 ml 510
Jaw Box Jaw Box 40 ml 450
Beefeater (40 ml) 450
Bombay Sapphire Bombay Sapphire 40 ml 590
Koskenkorva Koskenkorva 40 ml 360
Absolut Absolut 40 ml 420
Tsarskaya Original Tsarskaya Original 40 ml 420
Tsarskaya Gold Tsarskaya Gold 40 ml 300
Onegin Onegin 40 ml 310
Sambuca Sambuca 40 ml 420
Absenta Absenta 40 ml 550
Light, filtered from 4,5% 300 / 500 ml 370/540
Light, unfiltered from 4,5% 300 / 500 ml 370/540
Light, filtered non-alcoholic 330 ml 450
Fruity from 3,8% 330 ml 690
Light, filtered from 4% 330 ml 690
Dark from 4% 300 ml 690
Red/white sangria Juice, dry wine, orange liqueur, orange, apple, lemon, ice 1000 ml 1200
VODA Gin, birdcherry-blueberry cordial, currant syrup, blueberry 3х40 ml/6х40 ml 600 / 1100
Red Van Gogh Absinthe, Grenadine syrup, lemon juice 3х40 ml/6х40 ml 600 / 1100
Jim Beam Bourbon, Amaretto liqueur, cream liqueur 3х40 ml/6х40 ml 840 / 1500
Bubble Gum Rum, orange liqueur, syrup, cocktail cherry 3х40 ml/6х40 ml 600 / 1100
Almond cherry Tequila, cheryy juice, falernum syrupym 3х40 ml/6х40 ml 600 / 1100
MIZU Tequila, hibiscus syrup, pineapple juice, lima juice, pink wine, ice 200 ml 700
Spritz Aperol, dry sparkling wine, soda, orange peel, ice 200 ml 800
Berry spritz Gin, cherry juice, currant syrup, blueberry and birdcherry cordial, tonic, birdcherry hydrolate, blueberry 200 ml 600
Anthony Queen Aperol, white tequila, sparkling wine, elderberry syrup, mandarin and non-alcoholic bitter cordial 200 ml 700
Fiero and Tonic cocktail Martini Fiero, tonic, orange, ice 200 ml 600
Daiquiri Mango Rum, lime, mango puree, sugar syrup 130 ml 680
Negroni Gin, red vermouth, Campari, ice 90 ml 850
Long Island Iced Tea Vodka, tequila, gin, rum, orange liqueur Pepsi, lemon juice, ice 250 ml 800
Raspberry Collins Gin, raspberry puree, lemon juice, sugar syrup, bitter, ice 200 ml 700
Mai tai White rum, dark rum, pineapple juice, almond syrup, lime juice, pineapple, ice 200 ml 700
Whiskey Cola Whiskey, Pepsi, lemon, ice 200 ml 600
Gin and Tonic Gin, tonic, lemon, ice 200 ml 800
Cuba Libre Rum, Coke, lime, ice 200 ml 650
Bloody Mary Khrenovukha (vodka, horseradish, honey), lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, tomato juice, salt, pepper, ice 250 ml 600
Mrs. Robinson Whiskey, raspberry liqueur, vermouth, lemon juice, raspberry puree, ice 170 ml 600
Blue Hawaii Rum, Blue Curacao liqueur, coconut puree, lemon juice, pineapple, ice 200 ml 600
Sex on the Beach cocktail Peach liqueur, vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice, ice 200 ml 600
Latex and Prejudice Rum, vodka, tequila, gin, orange liqueur, grapefruit juice, currant syrup, lime juice, bubble drop 200 ml 600