• What is VODA Aquaclub?

    This is a new form of recreation, combining the elements of a SPA-complex, water attractions for children and adults, fashionable parties, as well as gastronomic specialties in the restaurant of European and Japanese cuisine.

    This is more than just a swimming pool - it is an opportunity to feel yourself at sea. The water temperature of + 30 degrees and the air temperature of + 31 degrees give full sense of a tropical beach and eternal summer.

    This is the place where the lovers of comfort and high-quality entertainments can enjoy their leisure time and experience all the fun which can be offered by the generous water in combination with modern technical solutions and hospitality of our staff.

    VODA Water-entertainment club is a great place for friendly, family and club leisure, which is ideal for private parties and entertainment. Calm steady morning breeze in the cleanest pool of AQUATRIUM is replaced by the waves of fun and interactive shows in the daytime, and on Saturday evening it turns into a storm of unrestrained energy on the water dance floor DROP DANCE!


    This is a large swimming pool with the area of 600 square meters, which serves as the basis of the entire complex and the center of its life.


    The hotel rooms are made in the modern design style. The minimalist lines of the furniture of the hotel rooms are complemented by large lighting panels with fragments of the comics.


    Ресторан MIZU единственный водный ресторан в Санкт-Петербурге. Стильный минималистский дизайн интерьера сочетается с потрясающим видом на водное пространство и великолепной кухней.

    SPA Termalia Hall

    Это территория полного релакса и SPA. Она гармонично вписана в пространство АКВАТРИУМА. Эта зона создана специально для тех, кто ищет спокойного приватного отдыха в сочетании с комплексом оздоровительных процедур.

    Частные мероприятия

    Мы готовы взять на себя все Ваши заботы, связанные с организацией корпоративных мероприятий, презентаций и тренингов, свадеб, детских праздников, частных вечеринок, а также девичников и мальчишников.

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